The objective that I covered, from our lymphatic and immune systems unit, is: interpret the response of WBC counts on disease. For this I went pretty specific on a helminth, the hookworm, and what reaction occurs between eosinophils and the invading parasites. The “art’ I chose to display, is a clay diorama of sorts depicting a battle between a helminth and eosinophils. The eosinophils are decked out in poorly fitting medieval armaments, with their unique bilobed nucleus as a crest on their shield.

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  1. Trent did their project on a parasite that lives in the small intestines called helminth A.K.A hookworm, and the bodies response to this parasite, specifically eosinophils. The helminth living in the gut have eggs that are found in feces. The eggs hatch outside of the body in soil and enter the body by penetrating the skin, typically through our feet. It’s the eosinophils that respond to this invader, killing the larva without an issue. It’s the adult helminth that the eosinophils, as we know to date, can’t kill. The clay art Trent did depict this perfectly, showing the eosinophils in poorly made medieval armor trying to defend the body and one getting killed in the process. The interesting twist was that the eosinophils typically defend the host against this parasite but oddly has been seen defending the worm against the host.
    The research on this parasite reviled that infection is common. 2.65 billion infections occur in locations with poor hygiene, sanitation, and hot, humid temperatures. The common side effects from this parasite is anemia, due to the parasite taking up the blood supply for its own use. The art is a clay diorama, depicting the bodies inability to defend itself against adult helminth. The interesting and clever detail was the eosinophils crest that was present on the cells armor. It was their unique bilobed nucleus. Trent did a great job of showing how defenseless the body is to this worm, showing the eosinophils ready to fight but just starting up at the worm unable to do any defending. Great job on the project, and I also agree, bugs, creepy crawlies, gross to think of all that can be inside us right now.


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