This project is drawing of a heart with various arteries and veins entering and leaving it. The heart has a disease called Endocarditis represented by the green growths in the chambers and valves. The picture also has “vegetation”, chunks of bacteria, flowing in the aorta and pulmonary arteries. These will lead to blood flow blockages causing a stroke for the one in the aorta, and a pulmonary embolism for the other.

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  1. For his project, Jeramiah chose to cover the objective ”know the path of blood through the heart and circulatory system” by looking at endocarditis. Endocarditis is an infection of the endocardium lining of the heart caused by bacteria and in some cases, fungus. This disease is fairly rare in the US, with cases ranging from 8,500 to 23,000 per year. The bacteria that causes this disease can form colonies and can grow so large, chunks of it can come off and end up in the bloodstream. This caused blockages in your arteries and decreases blood flow. The pieces that come off of the colony are called “vegetation”. “Vegetations” can cause strokes, seizures, paralysis, and many more problems in other organs in your body. The bacteria or fungus can enter your body through open wounds, your mouth, or anything that pierces your skin. The bacteria enters your bloodstream and travels to the heart, where it settles on the lining in the heart chambers. In most cases, the bacteria dies before it is able to reproduce. Endocarditis cases caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics and cases caused by fungus can be treated with anti fungal treatment. Jeramiah is very interested in the heart and drew one with endocarditis for the art portion of his project. There are two “vegetations” and there is bacteria covering the inner lining of the heart chambers.

    Daphne Mueller

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