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  1. After reading Cristina’s paper and seeing her project, I have a much better understanding of the Central Nervous System (CNS). There are multiple parts to the brain that all serve different purposes and carry out different functions. Cristina did a fabulous job of showcasing the different parts via different colored skittles. Her project made it easy to find each region, and her paper was well organized and well thought-out. With her project in tow, it’s easy to see that the brain is extremely complex with multiple functions coming from a variety of areas. Her project was attention grabbing and immediately sparks interest to the brain. I learned that the frontal lobe is primarily responsible for things like emotions, language and judgement. Basically the front of our heads is responsible for our voluntary actions. My eye was drawn to the green skittles which emphasized the primary somatosensory cortex that is in control of somatic sensations. Easy to find in red is the parietal lobe, which she has clearly demonstrated splits the brain into two hemispheres. Each hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the opposite side of the body. Switching gears for a moment, we change from skittles to M&M’s which highlights the occipital lobe in the back of the head. Changing back to skittles as she demonstrates the cerebellum, an important factor in balance and coordination. Avoiding sweets for the rest of the project, Cristina has created the spinal cord out of butterfly crackers. I thought this was genius as parts of the brain when dissected greatly resemble a butterfly! This project was well rounded, easy to follow and I was able to locate each part of the brain on her project and follow along during her paper with significant ease.


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