1. Muscular Dystrophy Report Out
    Muscular dystrophy is a rare disease that causes muscle weakness and loss of flexibility over time. There is no cure, and the best we can do for these patients is care management. This could include; therapy in attempt to maintain strength and flexibility, medication to slow down the decay of muscles, or general surgeries to treat symptoms and conditions that are caused by muscular dystrophy. Through comfort care, the average life span of someone with muscular dystrophy has almost tripled over the past half century. Muscular dystrophy still results in a shortened, painful, and heart-breaking lifetime. I never really thought of walking in the shoes of someone with muscular dystrophy. With the imagery Michaella provided, I see the fears of this disease catching up with someone’s active or busy life style. The running man shedding muscles as he goes is the best visual of their battles. I appreciate how each muscle was hand cut out to be `accurate to muscle formation. The ghost fragments of muscle shedding off clearly displays the loss of muscle mass the longer someone lives with this disease. This piece worked as art should, and had me thinking of the effects of muscular dystrophy long after seeing this work of art. At first, I marveled at the time and care placed into planning out each muscle detail, then I saw the running man as an actual person, trying to leave the disease behind him. Yet, the disease will always be there, no matter how hard he tries to hide it, care for it, or run away from his fate.


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