The Effects of Low FODMAPs on Individuals with Intestinal Dysbiosis

FODMAPs are an acronym for a group of foods that are broken down into short chain carbohydrates that ferment and feed the bacteria in the large intestine. In sensitive individuals, FODMAP foods cause gas, bloating, and some other pretty unpleasant digestive disturbances. If you are going into healthcare, you will …

Antiresorptive Agents for Osteoporosis

My project is about osteoporosis management through antiresorptive agents, or drugs, that are prescribed to slow osteoclast resorption. I illustrated four stages of osteoporosis, featuring osteoclast and osteoblast involvement. The osteoclast are the large multinuclear cells with the ruffled edges and the osteoclast are the smaller unicellular ones. They are working on trabecular bone. They are such cute little cells, that I had to turn them into a lantern.

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