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  1. For Audrey Mendenhall’s STEM project she chose to do tendonitis and its effects on musicians. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons when overused causing an immense amount of pain. Pain can subside when treated properly which is mainly rest, although sometimes requires surgery. Tendinitis in the wrist is the most common injury in musicians because of the unnatural and repetitive movements. Tendons are made up of dense regular connective tissue. Tendons have low oxygen in them making them white in color. Meaning tendons take a long time to heal because of their lack of oxygen. Tendinitis is most commonly seen in beginner musicians because their wrists have yet to adjust to the constant repetitive movements. Musicians who play piano or stringed instruments are more susceptible to tendonitis due to the unnatural angles that their fingers and wrist bend. Treatment for tendonitis includes an anti-inflammatory, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Although more severe cases of tendonitis can possibly require a steroid injection or physical therapy. In worst case scenarios it requires surgery, which can come with its own risks such as infection, nerve damage, or tendon subluxation where tendons move out of place. Recovery time after such a procedure takes about three to four weeks. Tendonitis will typically heal itself but it is much easier to prevent tendonitis than to treat it. Musicians should properly warm up their tendons before use, is the best way to prevent tendonitis. Breaks during practice can also be beneficial.With proper stretching, breaks during practice and care tendonitis can be heavily reduced.

    Rian runyan

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