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  1. Rian’s STEAM project essay discusses bone fractures, specifically greenstick fractures. Greenstick fractures most commonly affect longer bones such as the radius, ulna, femur, or humerus and are classified as a partial fracture in which only one side of the bone has broken. Greenstick fractures can occur in anyone, but they are most often found in children in the summer months. This most likely because in the summer, children play outside more and engage in more physical activities which can lead to falls. Most of the time, greenstick fractures heal naturally with the assistance of a hard cast which immobilized the bone. However, in certain cases, surgery may be required. I really enjoyed reading Rian’s essay. It was very interesting to learn more about greenstick fractures. The drawing and image of the broken branch were really good visuals that helped me understand what this kind of fracture may look like.

    Audrey Mendenhall

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