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  1. I believe that you did a great job on your steam project. The objective that was chosen to write about is to identify the four most abundant elements in the human body, however you expanded to the six most abundant elements within the human body. Each element was thoroughly described; hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The role of hydrogen and oxygen in the human body is to form water which is the universal solvent and an important necessity for proper bodily functions. Carbon comprises the foundation of all organic molecules in the body. Nitrogen forms the foundation and base of all amino acids. Calcium is the most essential mineral in the body and can be found in the bone. Calcium serves as part of the negative feedback system regarding bone growth. Lastly, phosphorus is part of ATP, which is the main source of energy in the body. It is also involved with gene transcription, enzyme use, and is found in organic molecules. I really enjoyed your art project, and how you incorporated each element into your project. Water being the symbol of oxygen and hydrogen. A tree is serving as carbon, because a tree takes in carbon to form carbon dioxide. The root system of the tree represents nitrogen-fixing bacteria. A skeleton of an animal that is decomposing in soil represents calcium. Lastly, phosphorus is represented as rock formations. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your steam project and how you were able to expand on each element and turn it into art work!

    Maggie Zanazzo

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