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  1. Maggie created her project’s purpose around a personal ACL injury she has had in the past and chose to hilight and describe not only the function and characteristics of the ACL but also described common injuries, treatments, and preventative measures. Essentailly, she wrote that the ACL stablizes knee joint and protects the knee from harmful movement like hyperextension. The ACL is made up of most collagen types I and III which is critically important to the function which requires support and elasticity becaus it provides about 85% of restraining force of anterior translation to again protect the knee against harmful movement and rotation.
    The ACL is often injured during sports games and it is very important to have fixed because a severe tear will not heal on it’s own and requires treatment. Most of the time this includes surgery. Although recovery is generally attainable, lost-term effects such as osteoarthritis are occur in an increased rate in patients who sustain ACL injuries. It is important to protect your ACL and possibly prevent tearing by focusing on targeted strength training, which has been a beneficial preventative treatment to avoid ACL tearing. Maggie’s art furthered her emphasis by outlining the parts of the kne joint and how the ACL fits in, and included labels to help with understanding!

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