This video is a representation of how periodontitis bacteria sticks to the lungs. The bottle represents the body, the straw is the esophagus, sponges are the lungs, and glitter represents the periodontits bacteria. Periodontitis is bacteria that forms in the mouth and deteriates the soft tissue in the gums. Periodontitis also causes and triggers many other issues in the body, an example would be when you swallow what is in your mouth, the bacteria floats down with what you are swallowing and goes through your body system. This bacteria could end up in your lungs and make you prone to respiratory infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

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  1. This project by Kailani Smith is a good representation of periodontitis bacteria attaching itself to the human lungs, as represented by the sponges in the bottle. As explained in the project, periodontitis is the bacteria that can form in the mouth, eventually ending up in your lungs if you’re not too careful. It is interesting that the bacteria usually attach itself to normal flora before eventually attaching to the lungs. In this project it is nicely explained how the periodontitis work harder than they normally would have to. As explained by Kailani, it is this fact, that the lungs are working harder, that they become more susceptible to being infected by other bacteria/diseases, etc. This video clearly shows how the lungs become infected with periodontitis, first entering the mouth, staying for a while. The periodontitis (the glitter) eventually will make their way down to the lungs (the sponges) and stick to them. This is what is detailed in the video and detailed fairly well. It is a very interesting project, and very informative, for me at least.

    Jessup Hanson

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