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  1. Hi Courtney!
    I think this is a really good topic to do your project on. A lot of times, we don’t think about what can be transferred to babies through breast milk. You did a really good job of visually showing what antibodies and immune cells can be passed through breast feeding. Macrophages are a great example of things that can be passed through breast feeding, their capacity to kill microorganisms and remove dead cells are crucial for young children to have. Neutrophils are another great example of white blood cells that help to fight infections. I also like how you included the transferring of B cells and T cells. It is super important for newborns to have a high number of B cells as they produce antibodies. T cells are also super important as they help regulate the immune system’s response and destroy pathogens. The only thing that I would probably consider adding are toxins like lead or mercury that are toxins that can be found in the environment and, when built up, can be transferred to newborns, endangering them. I’m curious if you also talked about what can be transferred nutrition-wise through breast milk. I think it would be great for new mothers as they would know what to be mindful of, being fully aware what can be transferred to their newborns through breastfeeding. I’m not sure if that would be beneficial to you as it seems that your project is more surrounding what antibodies and immune cells are transferred but, would definitely be interesting and good to learn about! If you wanted to add anything, I would just consider the other side of the coin and what negative things can potentially be added too. Great art and a good project to pick! Definitely super important to learn about and huge in the development of newborns.

    Rachael Charles

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