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  1. Rachel did her STEAM project on a compound fracture, also known as an open fracture. This type of fracture typically happens in the extremities as they are more lengthy and not as secure as other bones such as ribs. Arms, wrists, legs, and ankles are some of the more common fractures which are at higher risk for compound fractures. Compound fractures can take a long time to heal depending on which bone fractured, what tissues were damaged, and how much skin the bone tore through. Rachel used modeling clay to demonstrate what a fractured bone looks like. She used a tan block of clay to use the skin, the white cylinder as the bone poking through, and even added what looks to be yellow bone marrow and red blood vessels or nerves rolled inside the bone of clay. This representation clearly shows what a compound fracture is, and exactly what could happen if a compound fracture were to occur.

    Kailani Smith

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