1. The STEAM project Isaiah completed is a musical piece on the topic of energy sources in muscles. The piece begins with a beat then a sound bite from American bodybuilder Mike Mentzer. The song then progresses and builds till we hear Isaiah who begins to rhythmically explain energy sources and flow involved in muscles and muscle contractions. Creatine is the focus of the song. The piece explains how creatine muscle saturation leads to increased Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) since creatine builds stores of phosphocreatine, a compound needed for new ATP production. New ATP production is essential when weightlifting because the body when doing high intensity exercise burns through its ATP stores within seconds. So, the more ATP can be made the more one can exercise and improve upon that skill in this case weightlifting leading to muscle gain. The song then explains ways one may increase their creatine such as eating chicken or steak. Isaiah goes into more detail about how much creatine someone should take. If a person is lifting weights and would like to increase their creatine a suggested among would be five grams in order to see the benefits to obtain this level of creatine one may want to look into supplements. Also, in his essay Isaiah explains another ATP pathway, the glycolytic pathway which needs glycogen to function. This pathway is also used during high intensity exercise. The song concludes with Isaiah stating he doesn’t even do cardio but still sees muscle gain from using creatine supplements then the music fades.

    Side note: This was so epic probably the song involving science that’s actually good. You killed it.

    Rhayne Loggins

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