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  1. In Rhayne’s project, she uses embroidery to show the four main steps of cell division/mitosis.
    In the first embroidery, the cell starts in prophase. During prophase, the chromosomes begin to condense and mitotic spindles emerge from the centromeres.
    The second embroidery represents metaphase. During metaphase chromosomes are organized and Kinetochore microtubules will line the chromosomes up in the middle of the cell which form the metaphase plate.
    The third embroidery represents anaphase, where sister chromatids are moved towards opposite poles of the cell and microtubules expand the cell by pushing against one another.
    The last embroidery represents telophase. During telophase, the cell establishes cytokinesis in which cytoplasm duplicates. Two separate nuclear membranes form and chromosomes begin to condense.
    I think the idea to use embroidery is very creative and was well executed. The use of multiple colors and tight stitching/sewing allows for a clean representation of what’s occurring in each step.

    Isaiah Leggett

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