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  1. In Kealey’s STEAM research project it explores the contrast between normal cell division and the rapid multiplication observed in cancer cells. It digs deep into theories surrounding cancer cell behavior, including atypical mitoses in sarcoma cells and the impact of age on cancer development. The study highlights the role of cyclin dependent kinases as accelerators in sarcoma cell cycles, contrasting with the inhibitory function in normal cells. Centrosomes emerge as crucial in maintaining proper cell division, with supernumerary centrosomes identified in sarcoma cells. The piece underscores the significance of various theories, such as the somatic mutation theory and the stem cell theory, in understanding cancer cell origins and progression. It also shows that the stem cell theory suggests a link between sarcoma cells and damaged stem cells in the division process. Kealey shows a great visual example of the cells through a drawing that is illustrating both regular cell division and the distinctive features of cancer cell division.

    Jaylynn Hernandez

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