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  1. Presley drew a piece on necrosis of the main body tissues. She covered three objectives that had to do with location of tissues, types of tissues and structural differences. In this image you can see a zombie because zombies generally display necrosis in the tissues. In this image you can see epithelial and the necrosis that can happen with it on a cellular level. Then she also displayed how the lungs can look depleted. Then she has connective tissue, with this she showed how the subcutaneous adipose tissue can deteriorate due to necrosis. Then she showed the muscle tissue in which she talks about ischemia and myocardial infarctions. She also showed the nervous tissue and how necrosis can effect this. She went into great depth about how each tissue when under the effects of necrosis can deteriorate and how you would see it with each one. Overall an amazing image and essay!

    Oscar Rhett

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