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  1. Audrey Brown did her Steam project on Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis, also known as AVN or as Hip Osteonecrosis. This connected with the objectives “Know the stages of bone development and repair” and “Know the parts of the bone and their shape”. AVN is a condition in which the femoral head of the femur loses blood and begins to necros. Audrey meets the objective “Know the parts of the bone and their shape” by describing in detail that it is the head of the femur that is affected, which meets the pelvis with a ball-and-socket joint. She also describes in great detail the vasculature of the femoral head and how it has a lack of collateral circulation, making it able to necros. With AVN, there are many treatments, as Audrey visualized in her art piece. While there are surgical treatments that include procedures such as removing parts of the bone, drilling into the bone to relieve pressure, or replacing parts of the bone, there are also non-surgical treatments, such as using bisphosphonates, which help with limiting the loss of bone density. This covers the objective “Know the stages of bone development and repair”, as the bisphosphonates mess with the bone development and repair cycle. She also went over the stages of development with AVN in detail, which was also shown in her art piece. Overall, this was a very well-organized project and I enjoyed learning about AVN 🙂


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