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  1. There are two common injuries that violinists may experience, and they relate to the nervous tissue and connective tissues in the hand and fingers. The two common injuries that violinists suffer from are tendonitis and carpal tunnel. Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon and it is characterized by swelling, dull ache when moved, and tenderness. It is caused by overworking and repetitive motion. The tissue that tendonitis affects is connective tissue. Carpal tunnel is different from tendonitis because the symptoms are described as electric or tingling in the fingers or a burning feeling. Minimizing use is the best treatment for carpal tunnel, but it can also be treated through surgeries. The tissue that carpal tunnel affects is nervous tissue. These two injuries are more common than some may think. It is important to take breaks from strenuous activity and do something else for a while. Stretching and moving the hand when not playing violin is crucial so that it stays loose. By doing these things and being cautious, tendonitis and carpal tunnel can be prevented.

    Jessica Schwankl

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