The course objective I focused on was the progressive impact of aging on tissue. I chose to research arthritis of the thumb, also known as the CMC joint arthritis. My project walks you through the various steps from defining what it is, to the symptoms, causes, explain who is at risk of developing it, when you should see a doctor, and what happens during the doctor’s office visit. I also briefly explain the treatments available for this type of arthritis such as non-surgical, intermittent out of office procedure, and surgical. I chose to use the comic strip art to walk the reader through a fun and easy model to get a better understanding of arthritis of the thumb.

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  1. WOW! Your project is amazing! I love the artwork how did you come up with the idea? It is very informative and helpful. I would definitely love to see this at a physicians office as an informational pamphlet As I was reading through it I definitely felt like I need to go in to get my thumbs x-rayed, I have been hoping it would heal on its own. While you were doing your research for the project did you ever find out why it was more common in females rather than men? I would be curious to know what makes women more likely to develop it, if it stems from overuse of the thumb area. I would think that anyone would have a likely chance to develop it if they were using their hands repetitively.

    Jade Hsieh

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