My media demonstrates the different classifications and types of fractures to represent the objective to classify fractures.

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  1. In this paper, Parker Jarvis covers the unit objective classify bone fractures. He starts with the two major overarching classifications which are open and closed fractures. An open fracture is when the bone has punctured the skin and it is poking out of it. A closed fracture is when the bone fracture is all contained within the skin. He mentioned that with open fractures there is a higher chance of infection however with closed fractures there is a chance of internal bleeding. He then discussed the mechanism of injury or MOI. This is the mechanism by which trauma occurs to the body and it can be either indirectly by associated forces or directly. There are three forces that he talked about with regards to MOI they are direct forces, indirect forces, and twisting forces. He then explained that there are six types of fractures the comminuted fracture, impact fracture, greenstick fracture, oblique fracture, spiral fracture, and transverse fracture. He ended with a short synopsis of how our body repairs broken bones and he said that it’s important to remember the body will heal bones even if they are not in the correct anatomical position. His art piece was a drawing that showed both open and closed fractures along with the other six types of fractures. His drawings do an amazing job at helping to visualize what the different fractures look like. Demonstrating both the break and the forces exerted on the bone.


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