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  1. This project looked at “Changes in your breasts while going through breast cancer”. To model this Paityn drew what a normal breast would look like with the areola, fat, lobules, duct, and nipple. Then below that there are three drawn models of 3 different types of breast cancer. The first is Ductal Carcinoma in situ where the cancer is contained in the milk ducts. On the lower right there is a comparison of what a normal and abnormal breast would look like; this is on each of the different types of breast cancer. The middle type is invasive ductal carcinoma where the cancer looks to be located on the ducts. The left most type of cancer is inflammatory breast cancer where the cancer appears to be more condensed. The bottom model shows the changes in breast appearance with breast cancer. On this it shows there is nipple discharge that is bloody or milky/ clear. The nipple also becomes scaly, red, and swollen. The area around the nipple will also change in skin texture and the breast might enlarge. Overall Paityn modeled what would happen to a breast affected with breast cancer very well and I think it went above and beyond the course objectives.

    max beiergrohslein

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