Everything that is marketed,

Entices who is targeted.

Walking away from the spiel,

Is like saying no to your favorite meal.

It isn’t the smoking generation being enticed,

But rather the young, non-smoker to be precise.

Fueling a dreadful repetitive behavior,

Parents aren’t even aware what their kids savor.

The flavors of the candy,

Make it seem so dandy.

Some claim the strawberry watermelon is full of flavor,

Something they savor but never works out in their favor.

While their minds are being jaded,

Their lungs become faded.

More alveoli march to their death,

While less surface area leaves a yearning breath.

Friends and family are who inspire,

Sometimes leaving much to be desired.

While smoking has a vial rep,

Vaping research is not as in-depth.

The more we learn about the cloud,

The less marketers should be proud.

Acute and chronic issues on the rise,

Vaping is to blame at no surprise.

Some have developed and feel chronic inflammation,

While others are starting their journey to deprivation.

The chemicals work their way through all tissues,

Leaving a person with all kinds of issues.

Many start young and never stop,

Until their heartbeat begins to drop.

The addiction is hard to ignore,

Just like any drug leaving one wanting more.

Chronic issues lead to demise,

As ventilator use is on the rise.

Vaping is no safer than smoking,

And the research isn’t just joking.

Many controlled studies have found,

That a variety of respiratory issues abound.

An increase in ICU admissions,

Leaves medical staff in difficult positions.

Needing antibiotics and corticosteroid injections,

Resulting from vaping infections.

Fear even more the intubation,

And extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

EVALI is product use-associated lung injury,

But since this is voluntary there is no jury.

Only a lack of self-dignity and worth,

Are guilty of the thwart.

From x-rays to CT scans,

Pneumonia is found in these vaping fans.

The disease wants you to rest,

As you exhale deeply with your chest. 

As the muscular diaphragm contracts,

Lungs feel like bones when they crack.

Broken, beaten, and left for dead,

Vaping will catch up with you in an ICU bed.


  1. Using poetry as the medium, Frank tells us the wide variety of dangers concurrent with the seemingly innocuous act of vaping. As we quickly find out with flavors and packaging targeted at non-smokers (particularly younger crowds) vaping doesn’t seek to pull smokers to a less harmful version of nicotine use, but rather preys upon those unaware or unwilling to know of the damage vapes or e-cigs can cause to the lungs. Hopefully this tale will dissuade any would be vaper from picking up this nasty and expensive habit.

    Matthew Wetherington

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