1. McKenna Austin’s STEM project examines the physiological changes women undergo during pregnancy. Human chorionic gonadotropin, abbreviated as HCG, begins to appear in the female body when pregnancy is detected. According to Mckenna’s paper, the production of HCG occurs when sperm fertilize eggs. Based on Mckenna’s literature, pregnancy is divided into three phases: the first, second, and third trimesters. A pregnant woman gains weight due to changes in her body, including stretching to support the growing baby. Mckenna described how a hormone is released to help the mother produce lactate, which the baby will consume for growth, during the third trimester. It was mentioned in the paper that some women experience complications during pregnancy which cause things to be more difficult for them. Among the health concerns are hypercalcemia, diabetes, preeclampsia, hypertension, and high blood pressure. Hormonal fluctuations can affect emotions during pregnancy acknowledged by the paper. A pregnant woman can gain as much as 35 pounds during her pregnancy. While reading Mckenna’s literature, the reader was able to learn as he or she read. Throughout the paper, the concept of pregnancy, HCG, hormones, and the scientific reasoning behind hormonal changes during pregnancy was visualized in depth. This was so that the reader could fully grasp the theory of pregnancy, HCG, hormones, and the reasons behind the occurrence of complications during pregnancy. Besides providing an understanding of pregnancy, the paper provides reliable resources for anyone who wishes to learn more. Insight was gained into what women go through, and how challenging it can be on their bodies.

    Nicholas Sawyers
  2. McKenna’s Steam project is about the changes a woman goes through during pregnancy. She mentions physiological and biological process. She talks about how the uterus will grow allowing the baby to have room to grow inside the womb. As the baby grows the mother may experience some discomfort because of the shifting of her organs to accommodate baby as well as her changing center of gravity. The mother can gain up to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Hormonal changes occur like her breast may become tender due to becoming ready to lactate. The main fetal hormone that causes all of these changes id called HCG. This hormone is produced with in the body as soon as the egg is fertilized and attaches to the uterus lining. She talks about there also being abnormal side effects to watch out for when pregnant like preeclampsia and hypertension. I like how the project emphasizes that since pregnancy is a complicated biological process, that there will be big biological changes in a woman’s body while she is pregnant, This was a thorough report and I really liked her picture.

    Jessica Aldabe

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