My project uses flowers blooming in place of lobules in the breast to mimic how the breast enlarges and gets full throughout the stages of pregnancy.

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  1. Natayln Wood did her project on how the breasts change during pregnancy. She painted an image of breasts and used flowers to represent the lobules in the breast. She showed how they enlarge as you move through the steps of pregnancy. In her project you can see that the breast lobules are much smaller/ less enlarged in the first trimester compared to 3 months post natal.
    Natalyn showed 5 different examples of the lobules one at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 3 months post natal, and lastly 5+ months post natal. She did a great job displaying the change that happens as time goes on and what it looks like. I like how she used pink flowers to represent the breast lobules.

    Bella Webb

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