This STEAM project depicts a tension pneumothorax and the effects is has on respiratory and cardiac functions.

I used a green balloon to depict the lungs (specifically the visceral pleura) and a white balloon to depict the parietal pleura. during a tension pneumothorax also known as a collapsed lung, the pleural cavity is compromised thus loses its negative pressure and builds positive pressure which restricts the affected lung from inflating. simulated is a left lung gunshot wound marked by a black cross. the heart is also present as represented by the red balloon thought he heart sits in the cardiac notch we will just pretend that it is doing so since balloons are hard to shape after being inflated. the clear tote represents the thoracic cavity and the diaphragm is represented below by saran wrap. a water bottle represents the trachea and bottles down to the bronchi.

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  1. Angel Salcido was my assigned partner and he did his STEAM Project on tension pneumothorax. Alex’s project was well thought-out and described. He represented all the organs and the body system with balloons and a tote. He color coded everything and made it easy to understand what was happening where.

    Christian Finau

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