For a STEAM project, I decided to reflect on the knee joint’s structure and functions. The knee is the largest joint in the human body and helps keep the body stable and moving. This project aims to explain and show how detailed one of the human body’s critical joints is. I picked this topic for the STEAM project because I have had knee issues for more than ten years, always bringing up more information about the knee structure. I am also interested to learn more about it and showing others how detailed is knee joint is.

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  1. Gustavs did a really good job of explaining the knee joint structure. He explains how it is the biggest joint in the human body and why it is so important to us. He was originally interested in this topic because he suffers from knee problems and wanted to gain more knowledge of its workings. He does a great job of explaining how the knee joint is so vital by providing stability. The knee joint contains four different ligaments that he goes on to explain in detail. Taking care of knee joints could protect us from possibly tears in the meniscus which would cause pain and discomfort. Even things such as hip and foot pain could cause an unusual amount of stress on the knee joint and cause problems. The risk factors for knee joint problems are people that are over weight, lack muscle flexibility or strength, certain activities, or have previous injuries.

    Jacquelyn Bourne

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