I chose to do my STEAM project about the spinal disc herniation. I drew a picture of what it looks like in the spinal structure, and you can see that the middle disc is pushing towards the nerves. This is where the pain comes from since the disc slips out from its original position.

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  1. The first thing I thought was interesting about Annti’s project was that he was experiencing the topic he was writing about. It was interesting to hear about a topic from someone who truly knows it best. I enjoyed reading his essay and how he wrote about how lower back pain has affected him physically. He furthers his topic by deeply evaluating lumbar disc herniation. He did a very good job focusing on all areas of the pain from cellular to physical. To go along with his essay, he drew a very detailed and well-thought-out picture demonstrating how the spinal disc herniation looks in the spine. I believe a lot of time, effort, and passion was put into this project and I enjoyed learning about the subject from someone who has personally experienced it themselves.

    Jenna Sager

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