I could not upload an actual picture, so here is the link to my project. Although muscular dystrophy affects muscle contraction, it does affect the size of the muscle as well. With muscle contractions being affected, the entire muscle becomes affected.

Anna Salzman


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  1. Muscle Dystrophy is weakness caused by the loss of muscle and muscle mass. This project specifically focuses on the upper arm muscles, biceps. The drawing depicts a normal bicep muscle and a bicep muscle that has been affected by muscle Dystrophy. A bicep has two attachment points: the origin which is the coracoid process and the insertion is on the radius, made up of tendons. The bicep is the muscle that loses mass or more specifically loses muscle fibers. This happens because the muscle has trouble contracting. This is caused by a genetic mutation that causes issues in the production of proteins that help create healthy muscles. The genetic mutation causes weakness in the arm which can severely affect one’s quality of life. Muscle dystrophy can have a profound effect on one’s daily life. Certain parts of the body may have limited mobility, once the disease progresses they may need wheelchairs or walkers. The heart may also become affected causing someone to have a rapid or slow heart rate, requiring the individual to have a pacemaker put in. There is also no age that muscle dystrophy can arise for many years it is slow and unnoticeable.

    Madison Reese

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