My steam project describes how pain and immobility caused by spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the vertebrae, can be reduced through Bikram yoga. I preformed the practice’s spinal series consisting of eleven postures. The objectives I covered were using proper terminology to describe the bones and muscles at work and essentially designing instructions integrating the bones and muscles when these postures are preformed. These series of posture work the muscles of the back and spine through spinal extension and flexion, both beneficial types of stretches for people with spinal stenosis in order to decompress the the spinal cord and relieve the pinching of disks and spinal nerves.

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  1. Your STEAM project is very interesting. It’s understanding and very well put together. From my understanding, or summarizing. There is a condition called spinal stenosis, a condition in which the vertebrae is narrowing, or space in the spine is narrowing. Potentially putting pressure on the nerves throughout the spine which can result in pain on parts affected. It can also result in immobility. There is a treatment for spinal stenosis called Bikram Yoga. It consists of 11 postures that help with decompression and relief by working the muscles and spine. While doing so, a person is flexing the muscles and vertebrae. Along with practicing these exercises, a person is releasing the pinched disks and spinal nerves. As a result, mobility can be improved, and pain can slowly heal. My take-away from this project is I might as well try these exercises. I think that what you have posted is interesting and very important. It is a great way to briefly explain what Spinal Stenosis is and what can be done to help with the condition.

    Bernard Pete

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