I have modified a simple piano song to include ‘tics.’ Tourette’s Syndrome is characterized by involuntary muscular and phonic tics. I hoped to portray life as most of us know it by the song playing as expected, and then added increasing numbers of ‘tics.’ With the tics, I wanted to show that they are involuntary, can repeat, can morph, can increase due to stress, and are unique to an individual. Also, the song goes on; to represent that individuals with Tourette’s Syndrome can live productive, fulfilling lives. Deven Barnett, Fall 2021

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  1. Tourette’s Syndrome, an involuntary neurological condition that induces a variety of “tics” due to abnormal nerve impulses transmitted throughout the body. This piano song gives light to the different levels of intensity a “tic” could have and/or be disbursed in the body.

    Cleopatra Loving-Pepakayala

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