My steam project focuses on Mitotic errors during different stages of Mitosis. The objective of my project is to describe the steps of mitosis, and errors that can occur during mitosis.  There are many things that can go wrong during cell division, and I have demonstrated a few like SAC defects, centrosome amplification, Cytokinesis failure and delayed chromosome separation. I used cookies as my cell, rainbow sprinkles as chromosomes and icing to draw.


  1. This project describes the steps of mitosis, and some of the errors that can occur during mitosis. Human cells divide through mitosis to replace damaged cells, and while there are biological safeguards in place to make sure mitosis is completed properly. In humans, in cases when there are errors in mitosis, it can have fatal consequences. When the spindle assembly checkpoint defects, it can cause missegregation of chromosomes. If there are supernumerary centrosomes, multipolar mitotic spindles can form, which cause the chromosomes to split into more than two daughter cells. This is a common cause of cancer in humans. If the centrosomes do not separate at the right time, it can cause chromosome segregation errors. If chromatid is retained in the spindle it can cause the growth of tetraploid cells which have twice the normal number of chromosomes and can be malignant. Problems with chromosome segregation can also cause damage to DNA.
    -Sunny Hemen

    Sunny Hemen

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