I made a clay model of a femur showing a bone with severe Osteoporosis.


  1. The clay molding very much help us visualize the progression of Osteoporosis. Ive had the opportunity to look at a DEXA scan and see onset Osteoporosis. It looks exactly like what you’ve made. Starts off as small pockets in the bone and the final stages they pockets are bigger making the bone appear like an ant mound on the inside. This leaves the bone weak and brittle which is why we hear and see many elderly women break bones after having a minor fall.

    Sarai Gomez
  2. The project does a good job of showing different stages of bone development, specifically, what a normal bone looks like, and how progressive osteoporosis can be. The discussion of osteoporosis is a necessary one, because there is limited treatment, but it effects so many people. There are also different causes of osteoporosis. Preventative treatment is a better way to approach osteoporosis, and there are many things someone can do in order to prevent or slow the progression of osteoporosis. The treatment of severe osteoporosis is a little more difficult. Treatment can be difficult because of the side effects that it can be associated with the different types of treatment.

    Kristen Wenke
  3. The clay molding project does a very good job of showing the different stages of bone development and the earlier stages of osteoporosis. The early stages of osteoporosis look very much like as shown in the project, with smaller pockets in the bone tissue that gradually get worse, which causes the bone tissue to become very brittle. Because of osteoporosis, the bone is weak and brittle which causes people, particularly elderly women, to be more likely to break bones after a fairly minor fall. The best way to treat osteoporosis is to prevent it from occurring in the first place, as it’s much harder to replace bone tissue once it’s gone than it is to prevent it from leaving in the first place. Once the osteoporosis has progressed far enough, treatment becomes much more involved and intensive, and can lead to lots of side effects depending on what treatment plan was used.

    Samantha Norris

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