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  1. This STEAM project takes a closer look at Frostbites since those are a rather common condition in Alaska. Frostbites can be categorized into four degrees that have different impacts on our bodies. Depending on the severity of the frostbites, the pain and damage can be temporary as well as permanently with damage to the tissue, bone and tendon. Frostbites can cause a chain reaction including cell death, hypoxia, and the release of inflammatory mediators leading to inflammation in the body.
    Different treatment options are available but no matter how serious the frostbite is, it is essential to seek medical care immediately to avoid further damage. The treatment of frostbites can be divided into the pre-thaw field care phase, the rewarming phase, and the post-thaw care phase and are all essential in order to recover the tissue, if still possible. The collage for this STEAM project illustrates the four different degrees of frostbites with the use of alcohol ink representing the impact frostbites have on the tissue.

    Jule Burnette

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