My Project was on Sickle Cell Anemia. Enjoy this parody of I Knew Your Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.

This is a comedic representation of the mutation that occurs in the beta glob in gene.

I Knew You Were Trouble (Sickle Cell Anemia)

Lyrics by Jornie Kinga

Verse 1:

Once upon a time, one mutation ago

Hemoglobin, Amino acid 6, 

You changed my, glutamic to valine, valine valine

I guess you didn’t care, and now my cells are rods

They die as premies, They block my flow of blood 

No oxygen, I’m anemic, low blood, low blood, low blood


You run in my family, hereditary 

And I realize, I’ve got two copies


I knew you were trouble when I couldn’t breathe

So shame on you now

Making me experience this fatigue 

When you blocked my vessels oh

I knew you were trouble when I felt pain

So shame on you now

Not letting my organs get oxygen

Oh! Oh! Sickle cell anemia

Now I’m lying on a cold hard ground


But there’s benefits, to this sickle trait

With only one copy, You protect me, from malaria, kill those parasites

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  1. Hello, Jornie. I have to say that I enjoyed you parody about Sickle Cell Anemia very much. You made it fit so perfectly to the Trouble by Taylor Swift song. I love it. Is not only fun but it is also informative. The sickle Cell Anemia parody explains that the one mutation Hemoglobin, Amino acid 6 changes, the glutamic is replaced with valine. The changes cause low blood flow, less oxygen, causing anemia. Sickle cell anemia is hereditary. To be able to inherit sickle cell anemia an individual must inherit a copy of sickle cell gene from both parents. When blood vessels get blocked it can cause pain. However, there is benefits to carrying the sickle cell trait. With only one copy the person can be protected from malaria.

    Crystal Valenzuela

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