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  1. First off, I really like your medium for the purpose of having different size bones. I could not find exactly what it is though. Is it modeling clay and paints? Or is it something edible like nougat? Either way it is cool to be able to see all the stages of bone during growth, and that really emphasizes how spongey and soft the bone is when it is avascular cartilage, versus the vascular hard bone. All the blood vessels in the bones as they progress by age make the bones really pop and make the changes between stages obvious and interesting to look at.
    I also like how you gave attention to the end of the bones where the growth plates are and their shape as they fuse with the growth plates. I particularly like that in the earlier life stages the ends are less defined, while the edges are more developed and defined in the older bones.
    I would like to see more about the actual art itself as everything in the description pertains to the process itself. Why did you choose the mediums that you did? Are there any reasons that you chose bones over other tissues? Is there anything else that you would have liked to add to the project if you had more time or resources? Were there things you could not do with the medium you chose that you wanted to do? How difficult was drawing the blood vessels on the bones and shaping the ends?

    Bailey Carter

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