Steam project


For my project, I chose to look at the effects of alcohol posing on the body and how the body rids itself of these toxins. Like me and many others, we have all had “one too many” and felt the negative effects. Vomiting, shaking, complete inebriation, and unconsciousness. 


When the brain detects the alcohol contents of your blood are too high i will try to prevent any more being digested by throwing up the remaining alcohol in your stomach. Sadly this does not include the alcohol that has made it past the pyloric sphincter and into the small intestine. Which leads to more vomiting as the alcohol in your small intestine is absorbed. This leads to cuddling the toilet all night and possibly losing consciousness as you do. 


Unconsciousness is when your brain stops processing information and shuts down as if you were sleeping. During this time your body is trying to purge itself of the alcohol. In extreme cases, medical intervention will be needed. This would include hemodialysis which is a mechanical way of cleaning the alcohol for the body. This way is faster than letting the liver do all of the work. It also saves the liver and kidneys a bit of trouble when filtering out the alcohol.