Diagram of kidneys and the renal system
Representation of Kidney Stone using Styrofoam balls


For my STEAM project, I have decided to focus on the renal system and the anatomical function of the kidneys in the human body. I created a diagram showing the anatomy of the kidneys along with the ureter, bladder, and urethra to show a completed renal system. The entire diagram was made using a few different shades of Play-Doh, two long candy sticks, a ziploc bag, and a small amount of water. Everything was put together on a poster board for display, giving a 3D-effect. The ziploc bag and water played the role of a real bladder with urine in it. I also decided to use small styrofoam balls to represent the kidney stone as well as the average size of them.


  1. Eric, this is an absolutely amazing depiction of the renal system. Your description of the kidneys and their histology, as well as their functioning is very in depth and gives an exceptional overview of their processes. Moreover, the highly detailed and artistic representation of the kidneys and the bladder especially aided in understanding of the information you provide and “blew my mind”, not even joking, I wish I had a fraction of your artistic abilities. Eric utilized Styrofoam balls to represent a very prevalent condition even some of us may have had in our lives, in which I have, known as kidney stones. These extremely painful stones, as promulgated by Eric, are gathered minerals in the kidneys and move through ureter through the bladder to exit the body. Also, these stones cause blood in the urine, which is a tell-tale sign, along with their pain, of their presence. Eric’s artistic representation of this shows their passing through the renal system in their entirety and gives a prominent view of how they can drastically effect the renal system.

    Caleb Jacobsen

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