Using air dry clay and acrylic paint I created a physical model of the female reproductive system as my project. I wanted to build a visual aid that could not only help me, but everyone else, better understand how the structure of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus directly relate to their function. Taking an inside look at the female reproductive system is a great way to become more aware of how reproduction occurs.

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  1. Absolutely amazing your illustration of the female reproductive system provided a complete understanding as to how each organ relate to their function. The uterus which is the muscular organ that nourishes and supports a growing embryo. This organ plays a big part of the reproductive system because it is like a home for the embryo. It’s average size is approximately 5 cm wide by 7cm long. When a female is not pregnant. The section of the uterus is broken down in three parts. What I find truly amazing about the female reproduction system is the ovaries which are the gonads that is located within the female cavity and gets its support from the mesovarium. With your illustration it is as though , I can truly visualize the actual process. What I really wanted to learn more about is the initiation of ovulation and the release of an oocyte from the ovary marks and the transition from puberty into becoming an grown woman. You have done a great job and your steam project made me go back and review the process these amazing organ do to the female reproduction system. The female body is truly amazing and to know that we are all here because of the process of the reproduction system.

    Veronica Curry

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