A drawing of a hand showing the stages  Raynaud’s phenomenon that the fingers will go through

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  1. This was interesting how Raymond showed the blood vessels throughout the process of Raynaud’s phenomenon. As he shows here in the project the blood vessels constrict slowing or stoping blood flow to the fingers. Since, there is no oxygen flow the color of the fingers is different, when the tips of the fingers are first restricted from blood flow they turn white. Then, they are deprived of oxygen and they turn blue. Lastly, they will hopefully turn red because blood flow is returned to the fingers. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a very interesting process because it can restricted blood flow to other extremities as well like the ears, toes, nipples, knees, and nose. This phenomenon happens because there is spasms of blood vessels which then constrict in those areas. The spasms of the blood vessels happen in response to cold, stress, or emotional distress. Raynaud’s can occur on it’s own like described above which is also known as the primary form, or it may happen along with other diseases which is known as the secondary form. The secondary disease most often linked with disease that are autoimmune or connective tissue diseases. A few of these diseases are lupus, thyroid disorders, pulmonary hypertension and other blood disorders like Cryoglobulinemia. The primary form which is shown in Raymond’s project is the most common type. In my research is says that it often begins between the ages of 15 to 25, this form is less severe than the secondary form of Raynaud’s phenomenon. Also, people that have the primary form do not usually develop a related condition.

    Ashley Plummer

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