I drew a picture of the female reproductive system that has endometriosis. I drew the thorns as a representation of infertility that is associated with endometriosis.

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  1. Hi Kim! I really enjoyed reading your paper and viewing your drawing. I learned so much about endometriosis, and the effects this inflammatory disease has on fertility. You described what the disease is, its effects on fertility and the existing treatment options very clearly so I could easily follow along. Endometriosis causes inflammation and pain in the female reproductive tract, leading to infertility. This fertility affecting disease is very sad, as many women want the chance to have children. I loved your drawing of the female reproductive system. The barbed wire around the uterus perfectly represents the pain of infertility caused by endometriosis. The only way to officially diagnose a woman with endometriosis is to use an invasive surgical procedure referred to as laparoscopy to detect cyst growth on or around the uterus with a small camera. Your drawing of these cysts on different parts of the uterus helped me to visualize this part of the disease. The effects of the inflammation associated with this disease causes distortion of the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the ova, all of which can directly harm fertility. One of the few treatments for this disease are contraceptive pills to lower estrogen levels so endometriosis cannot thrive as easily . I also hope to see this disease researched further so better treatment options are available.

    Olivia Gardner

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