1. Prince did his STEAM Project on the development of a fetus during pregnancy. He made a really cool flipbook where he drew the different stages (and drew them very well). Each step was very clear, and Prince made 17 different pages in his book to illustrate the major stages of fetal development, including labor/delivery. Prince did not include fertilization, so his project started at the implantation stage. His flipbook advances almost like a graphic novel with narration or third-person perspective. The narrator is talking directly to you, and it starts with a positive pregnancy test. The next few pages zoom into the developing baby inside the mother’s womb, where we see the blastocyst or collection of many cells that are implanted in the uterine wall. From there, the fetus advances on, and with each page, we see more and more development, including limbs, eyes, and fingers. The send to the last page shows the baby is inverted, which means labor is soon to happen! In his essay, Prince says that oftentimes if you look up fetal development, you will mostly see the stages of development after the fetal stage and that people skip over the process and stages leading up to the fetal stage (Cooks). He focused his project on the entire development progression, not just the fetal stage and beyond, which I thought was pretty cool. Prince also talked about the importance of outside variables in development and focused mainly on physical activity. Toward the end of his essay, Prince lists many benefits of physical activity during pregnancy, including easier labor and delivery and easier management of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Overall this project was wonderful to see and learn from!

    Kiana Vondra

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