attached below is my project
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I did my STEAM project on the cells involved in our immune system and how HIV effects the function of specific cells. For my STEAM project, I drew the different types of WBC and the life cycle for the HIV.

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  1. Samantha Morse’s project was on the immune and Lymphatic system VS. HIV, which I enjoyed looking at and reading about. In this project, she is basing it off on a chapter that we had learned about, cells that are found in the lymphatic and immune system. Samantha includes that leukocytes and white blood cells make up 1% of the system, which I found very interesting also. Samantha did well with her drawing which included the life cycle of HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus is a common disease that is found in the body all around the world. This is a type of infection that has a huge effect on the immune system, which may oftentimes lead to death. Once the virus enters the body, it really is hard to fight it off. There is a type of cell that fights viruses like HIV, the T cells. This virus is hard to fight off because, basically, HIV makes the T cells decrease, making it harder to kill the HIV virus. Therefore, HIV is not curable but can be treated once an individual receives it. In Samanthas essay regarding her project, she talks about the seven different stages that HIV has. The stages include binding, fusion, reverse, Integration, replication, assembly, and budding. She does well with connecting her drawing with her essay. Once I read the essay, the picture helped me get a better understanding of how the virus happens and what happens when it’s moving along. I enjoying learning about your project! Gives me a better understanding of HIV and why and how it’s not curable. You did an awesome job with sketching out the stages of HIV along with your essay!

    Canaar Charlie

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