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  1. In this piece, Krishna explains in great detail the complexities of the digestive system.
    It starts with the mouth, where digestion begins, explains that the food is chewed by the teeth, turning it into a paste to make it easier to break down. The process of breakdown begins before leaving the mouth, the saliva begins to break down starches. The food is then swallowed and passed down the esophagus and down to the stomach. The stomach lining secretes a strong acid as well as many enzymes that begin to break down the food into a paste. The stomach walls also play a role in the breakdown of food as they churn the content to mix the food particles, acid and enzymes. After about two to four hours the food is then passed to the small intestine. The last two parts of the small intestine is responsible the absorption of all nutrients. Once the nutrients is absorbed, the paste is pushed into the large intestine, also called the colon. Now, this paste is in the large intestine for thirty-six hours. Throughout this time, the fecal matter is pushed along via peristalsis as the large intestine absorbed the water from the paste turning it from a liquid to a solid. As you can see, so far Krishna explains each step of digestion and each organ, each destination from the mouth down to deification is explained in wonderful detail, leaving no questions unanswered.

    Megan Claflin

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