For my steam project, I decided to touch on a common disorder during pregnancy and it’s cause. I chose Gestational Diabetes, which is a condition that can happen during pregnancy when your blood sugar levels become too high. It’s a pretty common condition diagnosed as it affects up to 10% of women. In my drawing that I created, is a detailed picture of how a normal pancreas works versus how a diabetic pancreas may function. You can see in the normal pancreas, it provides enough insulin for the body. And in the diabetic pancreas, the insulin isn’t being released nearly as much.



  1. About 10% of women develop diabetes during pregnancy- known as gestational diabetes. The individuals effected have high insulin resistance caused by the change in hormones that happen during the gestational period, and also may have low levels of insulin production. Some risk factors include being overweight during pregnancy, a pre-existing insulin resistance, and gaining too much weight too quickly during pregnancy. Treatments are very limited, and revolve around a lifestyle change. This project is very well done, thought out, and provides interesting information about the risks of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

    Megahn Reese

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