For this semester’s STEAM Project, I chose to demonstrate the helpful advantages of breastfeeding to baby and mother and it extends being beneficial outside of just nursing. A sick baby’s saliva triggers physiological response in the nipple that tells the body to produce more antibodies in the milk to help sick baby heal from infections. Those antibodies has amazing healing properties that are used by nursing mothers as an external medicine for their babies. One way breastmilk can be used aside from baby nourishment is used as an ingredient in a moisturizing lotion for dry skin. My project video (link above) displays a step by step process on how to make a natural lotion made of breastmilk.

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  1. Cariane’s steam project, “The Miracle of Breastmilk” is a video and a brief written statement about the health benefits of not only breastfeeding for babies but also the mother. The four and a half minute video is a visually pleasing set of slides with a how-to clip as an outro. In the how-to clip, she tells you what materials you will need to make a natural moisturizing lotion with breastmilk. I think that this was a very creative way to exhibit the healing properties of breastmilk through an easy DIY tutorial. Over all her topic was depicted very well, her point was made thorough.

    Dalauna Salmon

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