For this semester, I decided to do my steam project on Asthma and how an inhaler helps the airway systems. Though asthma can not be cured, there are ways to cope with it and medication to help with the inflammation and relax the airways’ muscles.Steam

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  1. Sydney Tyson’s steam project shows a comparison between a normal lung and an asthmatic lung. In her illustration, she demonstrated how asthma impacts lung function. Asthma can cause the lining of the airway to swell and become inflamed. It also causes the airway to secrete mucus which causes difficulty breathing, coughing, and wheezing. Allergies are one of the main causes that can trigger an asthma attack that results in bronchoconstriction, causing narrowing of the airways. Tyson describes in her essay how an inhaler helps to prevent and relieve asthma symptoms. An inhaler is a medical device that contains anti-inflammatory drugs that help to open the airway by relaxing the muscles to prevent blockage and inflammation in the airway of the lungs. There are different kinds of inhalers. Some inhalers contain steroids such as prednisone and inhalers that contain bronchodilators. Inhalers not only help with asthma to reduce inflammation but also other respiratory problems that involve symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, tightness in the chest, and difficulty breathing. Inhalers can also be used for long-term treatment to enhance a person’s airway and prevent asthmatic symptoms. Overall, Sydney’s steam project did a great job in explaining what asthma is and the benefits of using an inhaler to relieve the symptoms of this condition. She also showed key details and creativity in her drawing to be able to compare a healthy lung and an asthmatic lung. Although it is common knowledge that there is no known cure for asthma, it is wonderful to note that we can control and prevent it by using treatment methods like an inhaler.

    Chrizle June Maghanoy

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