For my STEAM project, I researched which endurence sport had the greatest maximal oxygen uptake, or VO₂ Max value, and the factors that affect these measurements. For the accompaning art piece, I drew the heart in lungs, with the viens and arties in gold to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the two systems. 

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  1. Amelia’s project takes a look at V̇O2 Max, and who can lay claim to the best V̇O2 Max. V̇O2 Max is considered the most reliable indicator of a person’s functional capacity of their Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems. V̇O2 Max is measured using a combination of a heart rate monitor and a mask that measure oxygen inhaled and exhaled during exercise of increasing intensity. Males have a higher average V̇O2 Max compared to females averaging 10 points higher in athletes of the same sport. Current record is held by a cyclist at 97.5. But cyclists do not dominate the top 10 of V̇O2 Max that have been recorded, that honor belongs to cross-country skiers who claim half of the top ten spots, including the second highest recorded V̇O2 Max. The trend of highest V̇O2 Max scores belongs to athletes in sports with a heavy focus on leg endurance and power, such as cyclists, cross-country skiers, and marathon runners all have high V̇O2 Max in their top athletes. Cross-country skiers dominating this makes sense due to their sport requires a lot of leg power and endurance but also arm power and endurance, meaning these athletes constantly utilize their whole body’s muscles. Amelia’s project demonstrates how the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system are interlinked and reliant on one another.

    Ethan McDonald

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