For the art part of this project I created a GIF of blood draining out of a hand to illustrate what happens during Raynaud’s phenomenon. I first used some two by fours to make a stand to hold my phone up in the same place to take the pictures. I then cut out the outline of a hand in black and the inside of the hand in red. I glued down the outline to a piece of white paper and taped that to the table that I screwed my phone stand into. I used a paper cutter to take a thin slice of the red paper off between each picture to make the blood look like it’s draining. Once I had all of the pictures, I put them into photoshop where I was able to take out the background and make each picture just the hand, there were 75 pictures. After erasing the background and turning each picture into a JPG, I put them into Giphy, which puts all of the pictures into a GIF. I was not able to upload a GIF to the steam project website, so here is a link to the actual GIF.

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  1. First off, the idea to create a GIF for your STEAM project is really cool and creative. It’s such a simple design but explains very clearly what Raynaud’s Phenomenon will do to someone. I’ve also never thought about just how much work goes into creating a GIF; they seem so simple, but after reading about your project and all the steps that go into the creation of such a ‘simple’ form of art, I have a newfound respect for GIFs. 75 panels for a 10 second GIF with a simple design. I find it really cool. Raynaud’s Phenomenon sounds pretty complex, but you were able to show what it does in such a straightforward way. As someone who learns best visually, I was able to pick up the basics about the phenomenon without reading a single word, lol. A very creative project, nicely done!

    Jensen Zadra

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