For my project, I used paints to draw a uterus that visually compares the effects of a hormonal IUD. The painting shows half of the uterus with an IUD and the other half without and the subtle physical changes that go along with this type of hormonal birth control. Because the image is slightly blurry, I will list what the labels say and what they are pointing at in the diagram/ painting. On the left side of the uterus which is the uterus without birth control, the top label is pointing to a little ball that represents a zygote or fertilized egg. The bottom label, on the same side, is pointing to the thick uterine lining that was able to grow to hold the fertilized egg. On the right side of the uterus with the IUD, the top label is pointing to the hormone reservoir of the IUD. The middle label is simply pointing towards the IUD. The bottom label is pointing towards the surgical string that is attached to the IUD for easy removal upon removal of the IUD.

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