This is a comic that outlines four common disorders that can result in a pregnancy related death. The comic also outlines that maternal mortality rates have a high racial disparity, and shows some of the factors that cause this disparity.

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  1. My partner, wrote about the risks of mortality rate of pregnancies. Before reading Taryns paper I was thinking of other things like more focused on the baby, but I was wrong. Taryn wanted to bring forth the challenges of having a child. Taryn really narrowed the causes of the deaths of most mothers; renal failure, sepsis, and heart attacks. I was really surprised to know that some mothers would even get sepsis, Taryn really wanted to focus on a bigger issue, the amount of mother that die, because of color. Before reading this I didn’t even think about the amount of women that are of different minorities and have a hard time living to see this baby’s grow up. Taryn really wanted to make a point to the issues of why these women are dying; socioeconomic crisis, health care, and vital communication. I really like the art work that she had shown above. And Taryn did a really good job at point out what she wanted to talk about.

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